Jiu Jitsu Tournaments, The Fast Track to Your Game Development

Oroville Jiu Jitsu Academy's Competition Team finds success again at this past weekend's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Livermore, California.

Tournaments take dedication, discipline, practice, focus, strategy, sweat... all the ingredients for greatness. In the weeks and months leading up to a competition, doubts can creep in, you may ask yourself what the heck you're doing this for. But when it's over, you know you'll be doing it all again... and very soon.

Oroville Jiu Jitsu Academy's Competition Team at Livermore BJJ Tour September 2019
The OJJA Team at the Livermore BJJ Tour competition, September 2019.

Within the walls of your dojo, your sense of progression is proven in a vacuum. Competing with your fellow classmates certainly progresses your jiu jitsu and testing your mettle against total strangers and their styles gives you some of the best feedback available if you want to progress faster. How do your abilities and installed techniques fare against other schools? Competitions are the way we find out and that's not the only thing that makes us better.

Not only are you diving into the deep end not knowing what you'll be up against, but there are hundreds of pairs of eyeballs on you, video camera's recording your every move, distracting sounds and other fights going on all around you too.

What a gift!

All of those seemingly scary things I just mentioned are also opportunities to prove yourself and to really know where you are at in your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Your team mates, your friends and family, your video camera, they all provide detailed feedback that is so very valuable to take in and study. You will get to watch your fight (probably over and over) and see what you missed, see what you crushed. In the expanse of jiu jitsu and it's many techniques and principles we are trying to learn, that feedback helps us gain that extra focus on exactly what we need RIGHT NOW, making the path a little clearer (for a little while).

If you've been thinking about tournaments and whether or not they're worth the effort, consider this too: every time your team experiences the pressure of battle together, the stronger the bonds get and that in turn strengthens you and your school. Even if you don't compete, just being there to support the team provides benefits:

“Norepinephrine and dopamine typically underpin “romantic love,” endorphins and oxytocin link mother to child and friend to friend, anandamide and serotonin deepen feelings of trust, openness... When combinations of these chemicals flow through groups at once, you get tighter bonds and heightened cooperation.” ~ from Stealing Fire

Next stop is the BJJ Tour US Open at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, California.

Hope to see you there!

BJJ Tour US Open October 2019

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